Should You Hire a Web Developer or Do It Yourself

You are thinking about starting your own WordPress website, but you’re facing a dilemma. Do I need to hire a developer or should I just figure it out on my own?

Should you hire a web developer or do it yourself?

Whether you hire a WordPress expert or take it on yourself will depend on your situation, technical knowledge, and the complexity of your project. The goal of this article is to put you on the right path so you’ll be able to make the best choice for you.

Do it yourself vs hiring a WordPress developer

Do It YourselfHire a Web Developer
Budget needed: $0 –  $300Budget needed: $1000 +
Basic understanding of WordPress and hosting servers required. No technical knowledge required.
Website built on a pre-made theme.Website uniquely built to match your brand and wishes.
Additional functionalities require use of plugins.Additional functionalities can be custom made.
Basic websites only.Complex websites with lots of features.
Hard to improve security and page speed.Security and page speed optimization.
Requires lots of time and effort.Requires almost no time on your part.

The Advantages of DIY

WordPress is one of the easiest Content Management System (CMS) on the market for beginners. To set up a website you only need to install the WordPress core software, choose one from thousands of pre-built themes available and extend its functionalities with a few plugins.

Being an open source software, WordPress core is free. There is also a wide selection of free themes and plugins out there. So the most obvious and probably the only real advantage of doing it yourself is money.  It will only cost you your time or perhaps a few bucks if you go for premium themes and plugins.

The Advantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

Being a professional developer myself, I can tell you that there are certain things that a developer can do that you won’t be able to without advanced programming skills. Here is just a handful of reasons why hiring an expert might be a better option for you.

1. 100% Customization

Building a unique looking website that fits your brand is very important these days, and you won’t be able to achieve that on your own. Popular pre-built themes will give your website a factory-made look, like thousands of others. On the other hand, a developer can fully customize the front end – what your visitors see – of your website, change its layout and style it to make it one of a kind.

You’ll also get features developed for your unique needs – like a custom build contact form, newsletter subscription, video embedding, social media sharing solutions etc.

2. Configuration of the back end – WordPress admin panel

A website is not just about what your visitors see. A lot of the magic happens behind the scenes – in the content management system. Tailoring it to your publishing requirements can save you a lot of time and effort when writing or editing content.

3. Security

Security is another very important aspect you’ll have to consider, especially if your website collects and stores sensitive data.

At its core, WordPress is very secure. However, to build a functioning website you will also need a theme and plugins. These can represent security issues, particularly if they are not updated regularly.

A good developer will avoid the use of unnecessary plugins and instead provide custom solutions in your theme. It’s also very likely they are much more familiar with the plugins and will pick the best ones for your case.

4. Page speed optimization

Packing your website with tons of plugins and unnecessary code will slow your website considerably. A developer will solve this by using the bare minimum of plugins and code to achieve the required functionalities.

5. Technical Support

Installing and updating plugins, theme and WordPress core files, may cause unexpected technical problems, downtime and sometimes even break the whole website. All of these issues can be annoying for your visitors and very complex to resolve. A developer will fix them for you in the shortest amount of time.


Even though you can certainly do it on your own, hiring a professional will often be the best option. A custom designed and built website will stand out from the crowd, improve the experience for your visitors and help you achieve your goals. In the case of complex websites with lots of visitors or websites that store sensitive data, hiring an expert is a must.

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